Himachal Under the Stars (Slide Show)

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The photos in this slideshow were taken by Grey Chow, a self-taught landscape photographer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Grey captures stunning night-time photographs across South East Asia. Using a Nikon D610 camera, Grey focuses on landscape, travel, nature, and astrophotography.

On a recent visit to northern India, Grey became fascinated by the Key Monastery and the village of Langza, around 4,400 meters altitude from the bottom of the Himalaya mountains, with an iconic Buddha statue standing on top of the hill overlooking the valley.

“Unlike other places in Spiti Valley, Langza consists of rich pasture and green fields and in the morning, you can see the shepherd bringing their sheep out for eating grass,” says Grey.  “There’s a lot of breathtaking scenery along the road and seeing it change from green hillsides with the crowded population to barren landscapes surrounded by snow cap mountains, was amazing. Thanks to its exotic location, the zero light pollution environment provided me one of the best quality night sky for Astrophotography.”  [Picture above right: Grey with his wife Yokei Chin and child]

“It makes me feel that how tiny we are in nature, standing there in the dark and isolated by all the noises and distractions. My sense became more focused and I could concentrate on every detail of the surroundings and see the stars much clearer. I and my wife spent two nights at the Key Monastery. We slept there and ate what the monks ate for their daily meals and to be honest, it is not really that comfortable but in exchange, we experienced their lifestyle.”

To see more amazing pictures (Landscape Photography) taken by Grey, visit Grey Chow Photography

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