Bhoomi Sukta

Verse 6: Atharva Veda

विश्वंभरा वसुधानी प्रतिष्ठा हिरण्यवक्षा जगतो निवेशनी
(Vishvambharaa Vasudhaanii Pratisstthaa Hirannya-Vakssaa Jagato Niveshanii)

The Earth is described as:
1. Vishvambhara: Who is all bearing, all sustaining
2. Vasudha: Who is the producer of all wealth
3. Pratishtha: Who is the foundation on which we live
4. Hiranyavaksha: Who is having a golden bosom, and
5. Jagato Niveshani: Who provides the dwelling place for the world

Earth is not a man-made creation but of divine origin. It sustains all human beings and other living beings by producing all types of wealth. The wealth produced by Nature are the fruits, vegetables, water, minerals etc. These wealth are not man-made. They provide the foundation of life without which no life can exist. The Earth is described as having a golden bosom (Hiranyavaksha) because it contains all the wealth in it as well as the universal fire (Vaishvanara). In Her bosom the Earth provides a dwelling place for all.


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